Over the past few years, members of the Sacramento community have been asking for opportunities to invest and pool resources together because of the wealth gap in this country for communities of color. The Black Fund is a way to promote economic empowerment and a vehicle for real wealth creation.

The Black Fund will become a model of economic empowerment success replicated in black communities nationally.

Increase the number of economically empowered black Americans who achieve their full potential, gain leverage and influence, and in turn positively impact black communities through a multiplier effect.

Black Fund Goals
-Start investing
-Pool our money together
-Build wealth in our community

Theory of Change
If we unite through a highly successful investment opportunity and ongoing support, we will collectively achieve the financial and positional influence required to invest in reversing the plight of black communities in the U.S.

Intended Impact
The Black Fund will:
-serve its members as direct beneficiaries
-source high potential investment opportunities and fundraise to bridge potential gaps
-provide organizational infrastructure for group to convene on a quarterly basis